Fearless Cities North America, and Movement NetLab as a nonprofit entity, are in no way, including legally or financially, responsible for the conduct of anyone offering or requesting housing, or any consequences of arrangements made through this “solidarity housing” opportunity.

This housing spreadsheet is a space where you can post space you are looking for and other registered participants can respond or post what space they have available.

How it works:

  • If you have housing to share: Fill out this form, it will appear on the spreadsheet below.
    • Once you’ve filled your space be sure to revisit this form and mark as full or delete your information.
  • If you need housing: Follow this link to the spreadsheet and add your information to the Need Housing sheet.
    • Look at the form below and contact folks with housing offerings.
    • If you find housing please return to this spreadsheet and remove yourself!

It may be easier to view the spreadsheet on it’s own, click this link.

↑ Use these tabs to switch sheets.